• Lido, swimming pool and beach

    Lido, swimming pool and beach For you guys who love to swim, enjoy these phrases that we put together for you! Taktiež pozri článok na tému SIGHTSEEING.   Je tu niekde bazén alebo kúpalisko? – Is there a swimming pool Read More

  • Asking directions

    Asking directions If you’re in a new town or city and you want to know where a place or building is, these are useful phrases for asking for directions. Kde to je ? – Where is it? Ako sa tam Read More

  • In the shop

    In the shop Whether you love shopping, or just shop when you need to, you can practice your English at the same time! Shopping is a great way to communicate with lots of different people, and it really helps to Read More

  • Going to the football match

    Going to the football match Sport is a great topic to talk about with any friend if you are passionate about it. Why not use it as a chance to improve your English vocabulary? Here are all the football words Read More

  • In the fitness centre

    In the fitness centre In this lesson I will help you to learn some common expressions about exercising, fitness and gym equipment. You will also learn how to explain your fitness goals to a personal trainer. Are you ready?   Read More

  • Skiing

    Skiing Here are English expressions you should know before you get your skis on.   Chceli by sme si zalyžovať – We would like to go skiing. Je tu niekde požičovňa lyží? – Is there a ski rental here? Rád Read More

  • Evening performance

    Here are some phrases you can use when going to the cinema and for discussing what you have seen. Nezájdeme na koncert ? – What about going to a concert? Radšej by som išiel do kina – I would rather Read More

  • Holiday: Sightseeing

    Most cities have a tourist information office where you can find out about a whole range of visitor facilities including hotels, restaurants and entertainment, using these phrases.   Kde môžeme získať nejaké informácie o meste? – Where can we get Read More

  • Holiday: Tourism and hiking

    These hiking phrases will prepare you for your next adventure, climb or trek through the woods.   Chceli by sme podniknúť výlet do okolia – We would like to make a trip to the country. Organizujete výlety – Do you Read More

  • Weather

    Take your spoken English to the next level with these conversational phrases about the weather. In this lesson, you’ll learn English phrases and vocabulary that go beyond the basics of “It’s sunny” and “It’s rainy.”   Pozri aj článok Výrazy Read More

  • At a restaurant

    These phrases will help you to make a reservation at a restaurant and order your meal.   Pre zlepšenie slovnej zásoby ohľadne jedla vyskúšaj si tieto sety na Quizlet: Slovná zásoba Fruit. Slovná zásoba Vegetable. Slovná zásoba Meat.   Hľadáme Read More

  • Hotel English and Useful Phrases

    Hotel´s vocabulary concerns all the useful words and phrases you might need when staying at hotels.   Hľadám ubytovanie – I am looking for accommodation. Môžete mi odporúčiť nejaký lacný/dobrý hotel? – Can you recommend me a cheap/good hotel? Potrebujem ubytovanie blízko Read More

  • River by Eminem feat. Ed Sheeran

    Šťastného ne-Valentína! Post so songom “River” a expresívnym videoklipom dal Eminem na svoj Instagram na sviatok Valentína.  Kombinácia Eminem+Ed Sheeran zafungovala veľmi dobre a veľa ľudí tvrdí, že to je jeden z top songov z albumu Revival.    ADMIT:  priznať Read More

  • Hádaj čo to je? II.

    Poznáš tieto slová a ich správny spelling? Tentoraz možnosť výberu a-b-c. Správne odpovede nájdeš na konci článku.           Odpvede: 1:B cherry blossom 2:B a coin 3:A cucumber 4:A a daffodil 5:B a fist 6:B a hanger Read More

  • 10 ways to say THANK YOU

    There are more ways how to thank to somebody. Let´s look at top 10.   No problem . Bez problémov. You are welcome . Nech sa páči. Not at all . Nie je začo. You bet! Trefil si to. My Read More